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Embark on an underwater adventure with us as we delve into the enigmatic world of the Frilled Shark! Known for its striking appearance that once spooked sailors with its resemblance to sea serpents, this unique shark has some captivating secrets. Get ready for 20 fun and fascinating facts that will unveil the mysteries of the frilled shark and redefine your understanding of these finned wonders.

20 Amazing Facts About Frilled Sharks

Join us on an exhilarating journey through the enigmatic waters, where the rulers are none other than sharks.


1. These remarkable creatures are often referred to as «living fossils» and are considered relics of the world’s oceans by scientists. Meet the Chlamydoselachus anguineus, or as we like to call it, the «Cloak-Wearing Snake Shark.»

2. Now, here’s the exciting scoop – a recent discovery has revealed a second species of Frilled shark, or cloaked shark, residing in the waters of Africa. It turns out this unique shark has more surprises up its sleeve, challenging the previous belief that there was only one species.

3. Imagine encountering a creature that’s small in size, measuring just 1.3 to 1.5 meters. Its body resembles a snake, with gills covered in strips of skin that look like a folded cloak. Quite an intimidating appearance, right?

4. Adding to its mystique, the Frilled shark has its mouth located at the end of its snout, a departure from the typical placement in most other sharks. This feature gives it a distinctive, snake-like look.

5. But the real showstopper? The shark’s jaws boast about 300 sharp teeth, arranged in an impressive 28 rows. What makes these teeth truly fascinating is their three equally long peaks, resembling tiny tridents. Now that’s a dental arrangement you don’t see every day!

6. In terms of fashion, the Frilled shark keeps it simple with a dark brown colour – no spots or decorations. Surprisingly modest, but this colouration serves a purpose, making the shark less noticeable in its habitat.

7. Prepare to be amazed: the most incredible aspect is that the Frilled shark’s distant ancestors lived a staggering 150 million years ago! Yes, you read that right. Its genus stands as one of the oldest among sharks, providing a glimpse into a fascinating chapter of Earth’s history. It’s like encountering a living relic from the deep sea!


8. Guess what? The Frilled shark is quite the globe-trotter, making appearances in a variety of waters. Whether you’re happy or sad about it, this shark can be found almost everywhere, except for the chilly Arctic Ocean – it likes to keep things cozy.

We’ve spotted this intriguing creature in the Atlantic, casually hanging out off the coasts of Western Europe and Africa. It doesn’t stop there; the Frilled shark enjoys the waters near Australia and China, as well as the oceanic scenes near Peru and Brazil. Talk about being a true world traveler!

9. What’s even more surprising is that this shark doesn’t seem to have a permanent address. It’s like a free spirit of the ocean, popping up here and there, almost always by chance. Observations of the Frilled shark are as sporadic as its choice of residence, adding an extra layer of mystery to this enigmatic sea dweller.


10. Great news for swimmers – you won’t be bumping into a Frilled shark during your ocean adventures. This deep-sea aficionado prefers to keep things low-key, steering clear of the surface and choosing a sweet spot at depths of 50 to 200 meters.

11. Now, here comes the jaw-dropping part: Some daring Frilled sharks have been spotted living life to the extreme at depths exceeding a whopping 1.5 kilometers! These sharks aren’t just deep-sea enthusiasts; they’re deep-sea champions, setting records for their deep-dive exploits.

Eating Habits

12. When it comes to dining in the deep, the Frilled shark doesn’t discriminate – it’s an equal-opportunity eater. Fish, squid, and even other sharks are all on the menu, creating a diverse and eclectic diet.

13. Now, imagine this: Despite not being the speediest swimmer in the sea, the Frilled shark employs a snake-like technique, swiftly bending and straightening its body for a rapid dash, ensuring it doesn’t miss out on a meal. It’s a survival strategy that’s both fascinating and effective.

14. And here’s a fun tidbit: The Frilled shark has a jaw-dropping ability to swallow prey whole, reaching up to half its own height. Talk about a hearty appetite and a knack for making the most of a meal!

Intelligence and Social Behavior

15. The social life of the Frilled shark remains shrouded in mystery, adding an air of intrigue to this deep-sea dweller. Scientists have caught glimpses of groups comprising 10-15 sharks, yet the specifics of their social dynamics remain elusive. Some speculate that these gatherings may be linked to the mating season, further deepening the enigma surrounding the Frilled shark’s social behavior.


16. When it comes to family matters, Frilled sharks follow an intriguing script. They engage in oviparity, and a female can deliver a clutch of up to 15 sharks at once.

17. Brace yourself for this astonishing fact: the Frilled shark takes commitment to a whole new level. The gestation period for carrying an embryo can extend up to an astonishing 3 years, making it the lengthiest among all vertebrates.


18. In a twist of mystery, scientists find themselves in the dark when it comes to estimating the population size of the Frilled shark. Despite this enigma, they hold the optimistic view that the survival of this species is not hanging in the balance.

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Danger To Humans

19. Brace yourself for some great news: the Frilled shark poses no threat to humans. Spotting it in the water column is nearly impossible for divers, and its size doesn’t position it as a predator for larger prey like humans. So, you can breathe easy in the shark-infested waters!

Are There Any Aquariums with Frilled Shark?

20. Now, for the not-so-great news. Catching a glimpse of a Frilled shark in the wild is nearly impossible. You’d have to dive down to 100 meters and spend countless hours searching for this elusive creature. Unfortunately, you won’t find it in oceanariums either, as it tends to perish when placed in an aquarium. The mysterious Frilled shark remains a deep-sea enigma!

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Frilled Shark

The frilled shark earns its name from the distinctive frilly or ruffled appearance of its gill slits. These sharks are intriguing creatures with a unique approach to hunting. Despite their eel-like swimming style, they can be active predators, lunging at potential prey and swallowing it whole, even if it's relatively large. Their combination of appearance and predatory behavior makes the frilled shark a fascinating species in the underwater world.
The documented maximum body length for a male frilled shark is 1.7 meters (5.6 feet), while a female frilled shark can reach a recorded maximum body length of 2.0 meters (6.6 feet).
The scientific name of the Frilled Shark is Chlamydoselachus anguineus.
The lifespan of a frilled shark is not precisely known, but it is estimated to be around 25 years or more. Like many deep-sea species, the frilled shark's slow growth rate and late maturity contribute to its potentially long life. However, due to the challenges of studying deep-sea environments, including the inaccessibility of the habitat, detailed information about the frilled shark's life cycle is limited. Researchers continue to explore and learn more about these mysterious creatures and their biology.
It's helpful to know that frilled sharks, according to the latest assessment by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), are listed as «Least Concern» (LC). This designation suggests that, on a global scale, the population of frilled sharks is not facing immediate threats that would classify them as endangered or vulnerable. However, local populations may still be at risk, particularly in areas where they are more commonly taken as bycatch.Conservation efforts, even for species listed as «Least Concern,» are important to ensure sustainable practices and protect their habitats from potential threats.
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