20 Fun Facts About Goblin Shark

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Take a plunge into the ocean’s depths with us, and let’s explore the mysterious world of the Goblin Shark! Brace yourself because this shark has a pretty intimidating appearance, and there’s a good reason it earned the name «goblin.» Picture this: its jaws can extend, almost like something out of a sci-fi film! We’ve rounded up 20 fun and fascinating facts that will totally change how you perceive goblin sharks. Join us on this underwater escapade as we unravel the mysteries of these awe-inspiring ocean giants!

20 Amazing Facts About Goblin Sharks

Get set for an exciting journey through the mysterious waters where sharks rule supreme! Ready for an adventure? Let’s go!


1. The goblin shark is no small fry—it’s a fairly large fish, stretching between 2.5 and 3.5 meters. And, as the ocean drama goes, females usually outsize their male counterparts.

2. Despite its size, this shark keeps it slim. Rarely tipping the scales over 200 kilograms, it’s like the supermodel of the shark world.

3. Brace yourself for a spooky sight! The goblin shark’s got a look that could send shivers down your spine. Picture this: a long snout resembling a beak, and jaws that can pop in and out, armed with some seriously sharp teeth. Feeling a bit like you’re in Ridley Scott’s Alien movie?

4. Now, for the cool tech part—the beak-like thing on the shark’s head? That’s an electroreceptor, helping it navigate and locate prey in the pitch-black depths of the sea.

5. Hold onto your hats—these sharks aren’t your typical color. They rock a unique shade of pink, and it’s not for fashion. The pink hue comes from the blood vessels showing through the skin.

6. Here’s a post-mortem fashion tip: once a goblin shark takes its final bow, its skin color goes from pink to brown. It’s not a makeover; it’s just the result of the blood no longer circulating through the vessels.


7. The goblin shark is like a true enigma of the sea—scientists rarely catch a glimpse of it, with only 45 confirmed cases of its body washing ashore.

8. This elusive creature likes to keep things deep, really deep. You’ll only find the goblin shark beyond 200 meters below the surface, and it once made a surprise appearance at a whopping depth of 1300 meters. Talk about deep-sea secrets!

9. In the untamed ocean, the goblin shark roams off the coasts of the USA, Western Europe, Brazil, Africa, South Australia, and Japan. It’s like a globe-trotting mystery, making occasional appearances in various corners of the world.


10. The goblin shark is like the mysterious VIP of the sea—the species is so poorly studied that scientists are still in the dark about its lifespan. The best guess? It’s believed to hang around for about 50 years, but it’s all a bit of an oceanic guessing game.

Eating habits

11. Meet the goblin shark, a true deep-sea predator. It’s got a refined palate, dining on a menu of rays, squid, and deep-sea fish.

12. Fancy some seafood? The goblin shark does too! It feasts on mollusks, showing off its powerful teeth by chewing right through their shells.

13. Time for a jaw-dropping move! When it’s dinner time, the goblin shark extends its jaws, grabbing both prey and a bit of water for good measure. It’s like a stealthy undersea grab-and-go!

Intelligence and Social Behavior

14. The goblin shark is quite the lone wolf—it prefers the solo life, and scientists haven’t caught wind of any wild group gatherings.

15. Here’s a sharky secret: by checking out the muscles and the relaxed skin, scientists have a hunch that the goblin shark likes to take it easy. It’s like the zen master of the deep, embracing a sedentary lifestyle.


16. When it comes to goblin shark love affairs, it’s like a deep-sea mystery novel—very little is known about their reproduction. The leading theory suggests they might be egg-living sharks, meaning they come into the world fully formed. As for family size, the number of little goblin sharks in a single litter remains a secret the ocean hasn’t spilled yet. It’s a tale of underwater intrigue!


17. The goblin shark population remains a bit of an aquatic enigma—scientists don’t even have a ballpark figure. Despite the mystery, there’s a silver lining: current assessments suggest that these sharks aren’t facing an immediate threat of extinction. It’s like a reassuring whisper from the depths of the ocean.

Danger To Humans

18. Good news for beachgoers: the goblin shark is no threat to humans. It’s like the recluse of the sea, steering clear of the surface and avoiding the shore. Plus, its jaw structure is a built-in safety feature—it’s not equipped for taking on anything too large. So, no need to worry about unexpected underwater guests while you’re enjoying the surf!

Where Can You See a Goblin Shark?

19. If you’re on the lookout for the goblin shark in its natural habitat, set your sights on the waters off the coast of Australia, where its population peaks. Japan is another goblin hotspot, with fishermen encountering this amazing predator up to 30 times a year. But here’s the catch—you won’t spot it just by snorkeling. You’d need a deep-sea vehicle for that!

20. Planning a visit to the local oceanarium? Don’t get your hopes up for a goblin shark sighting. This deep-sea dweller is a bit of a recluse, steering clear of shallow depths. Even the Tokyo Sea Life Park tried to host one in captivity for study, but sadly, it threw in the towel after just a week. It’s like the goblin shark is the Houdini of the sea!

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Goblin Shark

The goblin shark has some interesting alter egos—it's often called the elf shark. Additionally, you might hear it referred to as both Scapanorhynchus and Mitsukurina. It seems like this shark has a few names up its fin!
The reported size of the largest goblin shark caught by fishermen is indeed impressive—measuring 6.2 meters in length and weighing a hefty 800 kilograms. It's a testament to the incredible dimensions these deep-sea dwellers can reach!
The lifespan of goblin sharks remains a mystery to scientists, but it is believed to be around 50 years. These deep-sea creatures continue to hold many secrets, and their elusive nature makes studying their life cycle a challenging task.
The scientific name for a goblin shark is Mitsukurina owstoni. It's a fascinating creature, named after scientists Alan Owston and Kakichi Mitsukuri, who were pioneers in studying this enigmatic deep-sea shark.
t's good to know that, at present, the goblin shark is not in immediate need of protection. Given its deep-sea habitat and the fact that it holds little commercial importance, human activities seem to have minimal impact on this mysterious fish. It's a reassuring note for the conservation status of these deep-sea dwellers.
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